On: Following a Dream

You have been told to follow your dreams and ambitions. Every movie you watch, book you read, or thing your parents tell you from ages 3-12 is how you need to follow your dreams because you are capable of anything on this planet. When you get a little older is when the pressure starts.
What college are you going to?
What is your major going to be?
What are you doing with your life?
That won’t make any money you should do this instead.

So when do we lose our dreams? At what point do you go from wanting to grow up and be a princess or archeologist and instead decide to become a bank teller or decide that data input is the career for you? At what point did you decide to settle? There are still people who are achieving their dreams every day. There are always new celebrities, new athletes, and scientists making discoveries but the fact is that most of us, never actually followed our dreams. Yes, these visions can change as we get older. We may go from wanting to be a world-famous soccer player, to owning a fishing boat. Those are also good dreams so why aren’t we achieving them?

Perhaps it has to do with money. The world that we live in is an entire culture surrounded by money. There is so much pressure to make enough money to support yourself and also have everything you could ever want in the world. The American dream isn’t as easy to achieve as it was before but it’s still the driving force behind most Americans. How often do you hear “well when I have more money…” or “If I was rich I would…” That’s because money has become the world that we revolve around. There’s never enough of it and that’s why we end up going for these careers that aren’t our dreams but pay the bills. Sometimes, the jobs don’t even pay the bills but it’s what we have to do in order to stay alive.

So how often do we dream? For some of us, we daydream all day long for others, we only dream at night when we can’t sleep. The matter of the fact is we are all dreaming. We’re always hoping for something better than what we’re living. I think it’s because our fantasies are what keeps us going. If we can get out of our heads for even just a moment and think about the possibilities of what our lives could be, the moment is blissful. It’s hopeful to think that we have more potential and could be living our best lives possible.

It’s also easy to shoot ourselves down when our thoughts get too hopeful. Well yes, you could sell everything you own and spend the rest of your life backpacking across Europe but how would you support yourself? Or what about your family? That’s just not something you can do. At least right now it’s not. Maybe in the far future you can think about it again. It’s possible we all tend to think this way because we believe we are not worth it. We aren’t worth our dreams and ambitions.

It’s also hard to achieve the dreams we want. These dreams can include a lot of money and planning and schooling that we don’t exactly have access to. It’s extremely hard to achieve our dreams and most of the time we’re just hoping for a lucky break that will take us where we want to go. These dreams are also terrifying. They can affect our relationships, uproot our lives and completely change everything we have ever known. So are we frightened of our dreams? Are we scared to shoot for what we really want? Are we worried of the repercussions?

I have no idea. Maybe we’re intimidated by our own ambitions, maybe they’re impossible or maybe we just aren’t ready to see the reality of our dreams yet. We can still dream, though. We can dream all day and all night and if looking up into the sky and wondering makes us feel happy and hopeful then maybe the thought is just enough.

So let’s keep dreaming. Let’s fantasize about our wildest ideas. Maybe the thoughts will keep us up all night or maybe they’ll bring us to blissful sleep. Some of us will achieve our dreams and live happily ever after. There may even be some individuals who achieve their dreams and it’s not all its cracked up to be. Others won’t quite get there but we will keep on dreaming. We will find hope and ambition within our pipe dreams. What you choose to do with your dream is up to you. Whether you get it yourself or pass it on to everyone around you. So here’s to all the dreamers, Whether you drive a racecar or you’ve explored every corner of the earth in your dreams no one can stop you.

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