Why I stopped using moisturizer and never looked back

Being big into the beauty game, I absolutely love doing my face routine. I wash my face at least once a day and (almost) always remember to take off my makeup. I know at the end of the day that the key to a great face is having great skin. While I try to take very good care of my skin with sensitive soap, the occasional mask, as well as pore strips, I do not use moisturizer.

I recently read an article by Truthinaging.com (Truth in Aging) saying that using moisturizer is actually harmful to your skin. When I first read the article I was just as shocked as you all are. It has been pounded into my mind by beauty bloggers, makeup tutorials, and articles about having perfect skin that you never skip moisturizing.  The gist of the article said that using a moisturizer teaches your skin that it does not need to hydrate itself thus leaving your face even dryer than it was previously. The article also stated that by taking moisturizer out of your routine, your older self will thank you. The longer your skin has to hydrate itself, the better you will look as you age. I know that some of you will be appalled to hear of such a thing but it really does make sense. I have never been a fan of using moisturizer in the first place. It’s hard to remember, it feels like a thick mask on my face and I never felt as though it was doing anything for my skin other than making me feel claustrophobic. Once I read this article I was happy to throw my moisturizer in the trash and let my skin breathe.After just a couple of weeks time, I found my face feeling less heavy and I felt as though my pores were better able to breathe after having so much product in them all the time.

Truthfully, the best things you can do for your skin is to drink a lot of water, eat healthily, and wash your face. Drinking water alone will restore moisture to your skin in ways you would not believe. Along with drinking more water, lowering your caffeine intake can do wonders for the moisture of your skin. I know there are many college students like me who are saying “Yeah right, cut down my caffeine? maybe once I have my degree I will.” A good suggestion for those people is making the switch over to tea. It does have quite a lot of caffeine in it but guess what the main ingredient in tea is? You guessed it, water. Pair your newfound water addiction with a daily cleaning, throw in a face mask once a week and I promise your skin will be feeling beautiful in weeks.

I do however swear by using African black soap. This stuff works miracles I’m not kidding. I’ve had moderate eczema my entire life and this soap cured it. The soap cleared up my patchy, red, skin. It got rid of my blemishes and it doesn’t suck all the moisture out of my face and body. The price is also amazing. You can get a whole pound of this amazing stuff for only 12.95 on Amazon.com. While this might be a little pricey just for some soap, it will last you forever. I bought this exact same product over a year ago and have barely made a dent in it. With this particular product, I do suggest taking a hammer to it and breaking up the pieces so they fit in your shower a little easier. Also, since the product last so long tie it up in a little bag and give it out for gifts. Your friends will thank you for their flawless skin. I will say though that the first couple of times you use it, there will be a slight tingle because the contents of the soap are natural and unrefined so they can burn the first few uses. The pay off is 100% worth it however because this soap changed the way my skin looked and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

By clicking on this image it will take you directly where you can buy my most loved beauty product.

As far as a moisturizer goes, I’m glad to see it out of my beauty routine. I don’t like slathering on tons of unnecessary products just to fit the mold. While there still are a lot of you who will swear by moisturizing and refuse to take it out of your routine, I can’t say I will be hopping back on the bandwagon anytime soon. Unless the bandwagon says that using moisturizer will make me as rich as the Kardashians, I think I will just have to live without it

Much love, Mady


Moisturizers – are they harmful to the skin’s natural hydration – Truth In Aging. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2017, from https://www.truthinaging.com/review/moisturizers-are-they-harmful-to-the-skins-natural-hydration

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