On: being a woman

While I have tons to say about my vacation, I will be waiting until I get back to post about the whole thing but what I’m writing about today is something I couldn’t go without writing about for another day.

On Saturday I went to the Women’s March in Miami to rally with my sisters and stand up for what I believe in. Now if you started reading this and said to yourself “I’m so sick of all this political stuff” I don’t care. If you are choosing to ignore the world around you and stand behind your wall while the rest of the country is fighting for their rights, go right ahead but I will be here standing up for myself and all the others around me during these treacherous times.

At the women’s march, I saw a lot of incredible people holding clever signs, yelling chants and standing in solidarity as we all fought for our fundamental rights. While we were at the march though, a woman came up to husband and asked why he was there. Before he could get any word in she said to him, “You are part of the problem.” I was appalled and outraged. My husband made his own sign, chanted with the people around him and supported the cause next to five very strong women (me, his mom, his granny, his aunt, and his cousin. All female). This man of mine came out fighting with the rest of us because he cared. So here’s what I have to say to that woman: men are not the problem. Our corrupt government and our new president are the problem and if you have an attitude such as this one, you are also the problem. Now more than ever we should be standing together not drawing ourselves further apart over something as small as gender. You are both here for the same reason so why not fight for what’s actually important instead of shaming others? Spreading hate such as this is not going to bring us together but will tear this country further apart.

My reason for going to the march was not only to support all of my sisters fighting for what they need but also because I have a passion for women’s health. It matters that women will have healthcare available to them now and in the future. The first time I went to get an IUD placed in the doctor had no idea what he was doing and I ended up throwing up in a gas station parking lot after because of the pain I had experienced. The doctor never even got the IUD in place. He just told me to come back in a couple weeks so he could manhandle my uterus again. A few days later I went to Planned Parenthood to get it in place and procedure was quick, not too painful and the doctor that I was seeing treated me like the competent adult that I was, and treated me with only kindness. About a year prior to that I was without insurance and had to go to Planned Parenthood in order to get a pap smear and medication for some very uncomfortable stuff I had going on. While that visit was extremely scary, I have never been taken better care. I have them to thank for my very happy and healthy lady parts. A very good friend of mine worked for Planned Parenthood recently and while the work was grueling, she made a huge difference for women’s health through her work and it is people like her that make sure all women have a safe place to go to get what they need. Even if you are lucky enough to have the care that you need, other women are not so lucky and that is why we need to stand up and make sure that all women have the care that they require.

Being a very privileged white female I have seen the world through a pair of rose covered glasses my entire life. I went to the march for women’s health but I know that other women like me went to these rally’s for all different reasons. Some were fighting for their marriage rights, others were fighting for their daughters’ futures, and some ladies were there to make sure they will be staying in the country. We deserve our rights and we will be sure to make our voices heard. So if you are one of the people who hates seeing things like the marches all over your timeline, you’re going to have a rough next couple years. I know I won’t be standing down and neither should you. If not for yourself, for the younger generations who cannot defend themselves. Also, the next woman who tells me that men are the problem is going to have to answer to me and hell hath no fury like an angry wife.

So here’s to us all standing together. The men standing with us, the confused little girls, the transgender women who are worried they will be without what they need, the women of color facing more slander than they have ever heard, the women who fear their friends, family or even themselves being deported, the women afraid of what will happen to their healthcare, the women who love women afraid if they will be able to marry their partners, the worried mothers, the angry women, the passionate women, the scared women, those women who feel as though their voice doesn’t matter, the trailblazing women, the women out here making their voices heard. In solidarity, I stand with you.

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