On time:

Lately, I have been feeling very stretched thin. Between working enough to afford Christmas as well as a vacation, playing in a handbell choir that takes up all of my weekends, being the best wife ever, and trying to do well in school it felt as though the world was collapsing around me. I felt as though I have not had enough time to do anything on my to-do list and there definitely wasn’t any time to think about me. In reality, I’ve had plenty of time, I just haven’t been prioritizing the right way. When I could have been working on school work, I was stressing out about it instead. I’ve been making time for a daily mental breakdown but have not been making time for things that actually need to get done.

It wasn’t until I mentioned not having enough time to blog that somebody called me out on my bullshit. All I have to do is make time. I’ve had plenty of small downtimes in order to get things done but instead, I have decided that it was better to scroll my Pinterest feed for the 8th time that day. Even small amounts of time can be useful if used in the right way.

This morning I went into work to find that I actually had the day off and did not know. On my way home I jammed to the worst 90’s playlist I could find on Spotify and once I was home I sat down to write and pet my cat. It was the most stress relief I have felt in weeks. So I had a revelation, if I spend these small pockets of time throughout my day doing something useful then I have no reason to be stressed about time at all.

From here, my new plan is to wake up just a few minutes earlier every day so I can spend time getting ready and eating breakfast and make plans for my day. I will also be taking much more advantage of the small parts of my day because let’s face it, if the first thing you do in the morning is jam out to an entire Spice Girls album, there’s no way you’re going to have a bad day.

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