An introduction

Well here it is, I’ve decided to start a blog. My posts will be a way to express my inner thoughts, tell stories, share experiences I’ve had and will also serve as a way to keep me sane while trying to juggle all the balls of life. Everyone needs an outlet and maybe I’ve found mine. So here goes;

On being insecure: Starting this blog has already started to make me feel unsure of myself which is not a feeling I have very often. Something about putting yourself out in the world like this is incredibly nerve wracking. What if nobody ever reads this? What if people laugh? What if nobody cares at all? These are the kinds of questions we all ask ourselves quite frequently. These questions usually come about as some kind of change. Even the smallest act of getting your haircut can make you insecure. And for what reason? Why do we all care about how we are perceived to the world? Why do we crave acceptance? I bet there’s a scientific reason for why we crave the attention that we do but I don’t have the answer. I do however believe that we feel this way because of a fear of being alone. Even though we logically all know that we are never alone in this world and there are always others like us. As humans though we can’t seem to shake that feeling of being left alone. Maybe we’re pack animals or something like that. What I do know is there is never any reason to feel insecure. Even if you think you’re a little wonky around the edges you are NEVER going to be alone. So here’s what I have to say to my insecurities; Get the fuck out! You aren’t improving my life so I don’t need you around. My insecurities are kind of like that one friend who always claims they “miss you and want to see you” but never makes plans outside of that. They’re flaky, unsupportive and are never going to be worth my time. So instead of making plans with my insecurities I’m going out to lunch with my confidence who doesn’t make me feel like less and always insists on getting dessert 🍨.

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